Friday, October 24, 2014

Styling My Short Hair

I've had long hair for a while now. But, when I decided to make the big "chop", it was surprisingly easy for me. No, I did not break down and cry! Chopping my hair was necessary for a fresh start! 
I thought that styling my hair was going to be tough, especially since I'm really lazy with it! But, I also thought I was going to be limited by the length of my hair. I was so wrong! I found inspiration and the perfect style for my hair.

Step One:
         I usually start off with clean hair. If I have to blow dry my hair (which I usually do), I will apply some Moroccan oil to protect my hair. Protecting my hair from heat is a crucial step in this process. I love Moroccan oil because it makes my hair feel healthy and gives it a beautiful shine. 

Step Two:
         After blow drying, I will start to curl sections of my hair with the Milani Triple Threat curling iron, which comes with 3 interchangeable barrels! I use the 1" barrel to give my hair a wavy texture. When curling the hair, I make sure to curl 1" sections in both directions (away from my face and towards my face) for a natural wavy texture. The Triple Threat curling iron is so convenient because of the three barrels. It also heats up to 430 degrees in less than a minute! Because it's so easy to use, I get my hair curled in 10-15 minutes.

Step Three:
         Once I've finished curling my hair, I take the BigSexyHair "Powder Play" (a volumizing and texturizing powder) and distribute it though the crown of my head. Apply this product where you want volume and texture. This product does make your hair feeling tacky, but it gives you so much volume and texture without teasing the hair! 

I usually won't wash my hair for two days and although the "Powder Play" does leave my hair feeling tacky, I find that it is still really manageable the following day. I usually have to reapply some powder into the root of my hair and I have an instant lift and more texture in my hair! 

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