Thursday, May 31, 2018

Clearly Obsessed

I have been seeing transparent bags all over the internet recently especially with our fellow friends Celine and Chanel releasing their interpretation of this trend. The thought of spending more than $600 on a plastic bag makes me cringe, let alone $4,000 (WTF Chanel!?). 
After realizing I would never spend that kind of money on plastic, I decided to search the internet for something equally as cute. 

I came across this little gem on Amazon for only $30! I probably won't be wearing her every single day, but for an occasional day out, I'm all in.
So here she is. My current obsession and all the little things inside you can clearly see. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Month of Favorites: January

So it's that time again... 
A month has gone by and I have some favorites to share again!

Because of all the holiday sales and shopping that happened during November and December, I really got to try out some great new products that have quickly become favorites!

* Ouai Smooth Spray *
I have never really been interested in hair products, mainly because I don't really like buying them. But, I purchased a Ouai hair set in December and I have been really loving their Smooth Spray. I spray it in before I blow dry my hair and it leaves my hair super soft and smooth. I don't even have to straighten it afterwards! Needless to say, I've been using it nonstop!

* Body Oil * 
This winter season has been rather harsh on my skin this year. I found that a simple body lotion just wasn't cutting it anymore. So I started mixing my body oils with my lotions for extra hydration! This leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and silky! My favorite body oil to use is the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. This is the most luxurious smelling oil I own (thanks to my Aunt and Uncle from France!). I almost have to stop myself from using it daily because I'm not sure where I can purchase in the States!

* Glossier Lip Gloss *
If you're looking for a high shine lip gloss that lasts a good amount of time, purchase the Glossier Lip Gloss! It's pretty thick, but it's not uncomfortable. I really like it because it hydrates my lips as well as give an insane amount of shine to them!

*Ambre Etoile *
This perfume has been my go-to since I received it... Urban Outfitters killed it with this scent! It's warm and sweet, but still has a sort of musky scent. I highly recommend checking not only this scent out, but all of Urban's perfumes!

* Nuxe Lip Balm * 
I have never loved a lip balm as much as I love this Nuxe one! I received this as a gift from my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting from Paris last month and I haven't been able to stop using it. The balm has a very thick consistency to it and dries matte. I like using this as an overnight treatment (kind of like a lip mask) because it's so thick and hydrating. When I wake up in the morning, my lips are extremely hydrated and plump!

* Marc Jacobs Lip Creme Lipstick *
I received this lipstick mini in a Sephora perk and I cannot stop using it. The color is Slow Burn, a dusty mauve color. It's my perfect "nude" shade and it's so easy for me to wear every day. Not only is the color perfect, but the formula is so creamy and hydrating!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Season of Glitter

For all those parties and family get togethers, a little glitter can really set you apart. Not only is it acceptable to wear for this time of the year, it's also really fun to play around with!
There are so many shimmery, sparkly, and iridescent products out on the market that you can experiment with before your event!

For the conservative sparkle, 

I absolutely love these liners because of how easy they are to apply! The small liner brush allows you to apply the glitter precisely. I love applying this as a small accent to a winged liner or in the inner corner of my eyes. 

For the iridescent lover,

When applied wet, these shadows give off the prettiest iridescent color with super high pigmentation and sparkle! 

For the show stopping sparkle, 

If you want to apply pure glitter on your eyes, I highly recommend these loose glitters. They are affordable and come in a large selection of colors. I have applied these on the inner corner of the eyes and even all over the lid for a cut crease shadow look! 

For those who prefer sparkle on their face, 

Some of us might not feel comfortable enough applying glitter on our eyes, but maybe sparkle on our cheekbones could be manageable? Or maybe some occasions don't call for glitter, but you want to still do something a little extra? A sparkly cheekbone highlight is my favorite when I want to set my everyday makeup look apart for a special occasion. The Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit is amazingly sparkly and will definitely set you apart!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Natural Base

A clean and minimal base has been my go-to lately. I wake up relatively early and I don't really like spending 10 minutes blending out my foundation. I like to use my fingers to apply a thin base and use a foundation with more coverage on larger areas that need a little more attention. 

As much as I would love to have flawless skin, that's just not a reality for me. My skin scars easily and those scars take weeks to fade. Instead of covering up all imperfections, I have learned to embrace them! But being confident with my skin hasn't always come naturally. 

I have a pretty extensive skin care routine and knowing that I'm doing the best I can to keep my skin looking healthy keeps my mind at ease. But, for days that I actually do have to leave the house and need something minimal that will still make me look put together, I opt for a simple base; something that allows my skin to breathe!

The Three Product Base

use this to even out skin tone and reduce redness

use sparingly in large areas that need coverage
I apply only on cheeks and chin
Blend out with a beauty sponge to avoid streaks

use to spot conceal
also use under eyes

Three products might seem a little much for a "natural" base, but I think it's best to layer thin products over each other instead of one heavy foundation. My skin looks naturally even, without the feeling of a heavy foundation.