Friday, August 29, 2014

Outfit of The Day #3

outfit of the day
(Me) Kimono: Forever21 | Crop Top: Brandy Melville | Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Topshop | Hat: Forever21 | Sunglasses: Michael Kors | Bracelets: DIY & S'Be NYC | Rings: S'Be NYC | Hand Chain: Buffalo Exchange | Purse: Chanel

(Mandy) Romper: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Dr. Martens | Purse: Alexander Wang | Arm Cuff: Rose Bowl Flea Market | Necklaces: Brandy Melville & Forever21

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week in Photos #2

1. A very exciting ride in the Lambo! My family and I decided to drive down to Fashion Island in Newport beach for some brunch at...

2. Cafe Beau Soleil! This little french restaurant is so cute and the food is amazing! I ordered the Lox crepe and the gnocchi pesto to share! 

3. My weekend continued with date night! My boyfriend and I dressed up and went out to a cuban restaurant in Costa Mesa called Habana. 

4. A little mirror selfie with my sister in Ikea! 

5. Showing off my new ombre hair! 

6. Another outing to Cafe Beau Soleil! Can you tell we love it there? We took some polaroids for proof...

7. Finishing off with another mirror picture with my sister at Urban Outfitters! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

How I Control My Oily Skin

Oily skin. It has been a problem for most of my teenage years. Foundation was a joke, especially since it would disappear as the day went on. My face was constantly shiny. After trying every trick in the book, I realized that controlling my oily skin was more important than trying to get rid of shine. I haven't found the "cure" for oily skin, but controlling the amount of oils my skin produces is key. Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned when dealing with oily skin...

* Skincare is key
As a teenager new to skincare, I washed my face with extremely harsh cleansers daily to "rid" my skin of its natural oils. After trial and error, I found that cleansing my face with a gentle face wash was the way to go. You don't need to scrub your face daily and use a harsh toner to get rid of your natural oils. Instead, I wash my skin twice a day; nightly with water and a cleanser, and in the morning with Bioderma.
Moisturizing is crucial for oily skin! If you strip your skin of all natural oils and fail to apply any moisturizer, your skin will produce even more oils to balance everything out! I love the Clinique 'Moisture Surge' moisturizer because it's light and doesn't make my skin feel as if I slathered heavy lotion on it. I use it both night and day to moisturize my skin after cleansing.

* Makeup 
Using products meant for oily skin can sometimes make me look flat and cake-y. But, I've found that applying a primer meant for oily skin is best. The Rimmel 'Stay Matte' primer really helps control the amount of oils my skin produces without making me look completely flat.
Apply whichever base you prefer (foundation, tinted moisturize, BB cream, etc.). The L'Oreal 'Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream' works amazingly for my oily skin! It sets with a velvet matte texture, but throughout the day, it gives my skin a dewy look instead of an oily look.
Blotting sheets and powder are essentials that should be used to reduce oiliness without applying any new product on the skin.
Also, to add extra moisture to the skin, try a facial spray! I use the Evian spray and apply it whenever my skin is feeling really oily and needs refreshing (especially on hot days!).

* Water!
This year, I had made it a goal to drink water daily. This has drastically improved my skin and skin type. I have less acne and my oily skin is (somewhat!) controlled. Water is essential to hydrating the skin and sometimes, your skin is trying to tell you that it's dehydrated by producing oil. Some people don't even have oily skin. They have dehydrated skin. Replacing sugary drinks with water will improve your skin type so much!
If you hate flat water like I do, try sparkling water! I add a few lime slices and chia seeds to my sparkling water for taste and extra hydration.

* Confidence
No one has perfect skin. People battle with insecurities daily. One of my insecurites was and still is my skin. But, instead of viewing my skin in a negative way, I see it as a good thing! Everyone wants dewy skin nowadays! When oily skin is controlled, it is radiant, healthy-looking and dewy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week in Photos #1

This week has been super eventful, with finals, festivals and a well-deserved vacation to end the week! 

1. I started off my week with a nice lunch with my sisters and mom at Quattro Cafe at South Coast Plaza! I always order the Contadino salad!

2. I spent my sunday at the Hard Summer festival where I met Sophia from YouTube! It was my first time ever going to something like Hard and it was such a great experience. I want to go again!

3. A little finals ootd! 
Dress: Brandy Melville | Bag: Forever21 | Sandals: Topshop | Sunnies: Wildfox 'Clubfox'

4. Our first day in Orlando, Florida! We couldn't check into our hotel until 12pm and we arrived at 7am so we definitely had some time to kill! No surprise, we decided to go shopping.

5. A little group picture with my boyfriend and sister at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

6. A recap of our day at Animal Kingdom! I had to take some polaroids to capture my day there!

7. Churros at Disney's Magic Kingdom were so hard to find! 

8. We ended our Sunday with some amazing fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

9. Monday calls for a trip back home! MCO to LAX. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't Forget that Highlight!

As of the beginning of this year, I have been obsessed with highlighters! Since then, I've tried out so many and I've narrowed it all down to 3 favorites that I continuously reach for. These 3 all range from different price points so they accommodate everyone's budget without sacrificing the quality. 

* TheBalm's 'Mary-Lou Manizer' - A yellow gold highlighter that reflects beautifully off the skin  

* E.L.F's 'Blush Gems' Baked Highligher - A rose gold highlighter with very fine shimmer

* Benefit's 'Watt's Up!' - A mix between yellow and rose gold, cream highlighter that blends effortlessly into the skin

Friday, August 1, 2014

July Beauty Favorites!

TheBalm's 'Schwing' Liquid Eyeliner: Before I discovered this eyeliner, I wasn't a huge fan of any liquid eyeliner. Gel was the way to go! After using this product a couple of times, I fell in love! It's so easy to apply and I can make a precise wing in practically no time. I love how this eyeliner doesn't budge until I remove it with water, which is a huge plus for my oily skin! 

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Concealer: After purchasing a couple of other concealers, I had no intention of purchasing this one. But, I'm happy I did because this has become my new favorite. This concealer is creamy and light, but it still covers my under-eye circles and blemishes completely! It doesn't make my under-eyes dry looking, which is what I have the most trouble with with concealers. Overall, this is a great product!

Carmex: I have no idea what I was doing with my life before Carmex. This stuff literally saves my lips and I'm so happy I purchased this! I keep one in my makeup bag and one in my purse so that I have one within reach, wherever I go!

L'Oreal 'Magic BB Cream' in Medium: I've never really tried an BB cream and liked it. I've tried one other BB Cream when they were all the hype but I found the formula too oily for my skin, so I stayed away completely from BB creams. My view on BB creams has completely changed because of the L'Oreal Magic BB Cream! It feels really lightweight and covers most of my imperfections. It doesn't feel oily on my skin. In fact, it leaves a semi-matte finish, which I love! I would definitely recommend this for any oily-skinned girl who wants to try out a BB cream!

Maybelline 'The Nudes' Palette: I don't usually like buying palettes mainly because I don't usually like all the colors in a single palette. But, when I saw the new Nude palette from Maybelline, I knew I had to have it! It has a great mix of shimmer and matte shadows that all complement each other so nicely. I love experimenting with these shades. I have chosen four shadows out of the palette that I would consider my "favorite" but I really do love all of the shadows in the palette! For $10, I don't think you can go wrong with this palette!