Friday, August 15, 2014

How I Control My Oily Skin

Oily skin. It has been a problem for most of my teenage years. Foundation was a joke, especially since it would disappear as the day went on. My face was constantly shiny. After trying every trick in the book, I realized that controlling my oily skin was more important than trying to get rid of shine. I haven't found the "cure" for oily skin, but controlling the amount of oils my skin produces is key. Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned when dealing with oily skin...

* Skincare is key
As a teenager new to skincare, I washed my face with extremely harsh cleansers daily to "rid" my skin of its natural oils. After trial and error, I found that cleansing my face with a gentle face wash was the way to go. You don't need to scrub your face daily and use a harsh toner to get rid of your natural oils. Instead, I wash my skin twice a day; nightly with water and a cleanser, and in the morning with Bioderma.
Moisturizing is crucial for oily skin! If you strip your skin of all natural oils and fail to apply any moisturizer, your skin will produce even more oils to balance everything out! I love the Clinique 'Moisture Surge' moisturizer because it's light and doesn't make my skin feel as if I slathered heavy lotion on it. I use it both night and day to moisturize my skin after cleansing.

* Makeup 
Using products meant for oily skin can sometimes make me look flat and cake-y. But, I've found that applying a primer meant for oily skin is best. The Rimmel 'Stay Matte' primer really helps control the amount of oils my skin produces without making me look completely flat.
Apply whichever base you prefer (foundation, tinted moisturize, BB cream, etc.). The L'Oreal 'Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream' works amazingly for my oily skin! It sets with a velvet matte texture, but throughout the day, it gives my skin a dewy look instead of an oily look.
Blotting sheets and powder are essentials that should be used to reduce oiliness without applying any new product on the skin.
Also, to add extra moisture to the skin, try a facial spray! I use the Evian spray and apply it whenever my skin is feeling really oily and needs refreshing (especially on hot days!).

* Water!
This year, I had made it a goal to drink water daily. This has drastically improved my skin and skin type. I have less acne and my oily skin is (somewhat!) controlled. Water is essential to hydrating the skin and sometimes, your skin is trying to tell you that it's dehydrated by producing oil. Some people don't even have oily skin. They have dehydrated skin. Replacing sugary drinks with water will improve your skin type so much!
If you hate flat water like I do, try sparkling water! I add a few lime slices and chia seeds to my sparkling water for taste and extra hydration.

* Confidence
No one has perfect skin. People battle with insecurities daily. One of my insecurites was and still is my skin. But, instead of viewing my skin in a negative way, I see it as a good thing! Everyone wants dewy skin nowadays! When oily skin is controlled, it is radiant, healthy-looking and dewy!

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