Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Little Advice On Makeup Organization

If there's one thing I love more than applying my makeup, it's organizing it. But I wasn't always like this. I used to store my makeup in a box inside my closet. There's nothing wrong with doing this, but I never really got to see the unused makeup, which means I never got to use it. 

If you're a control freak like me, then you probably already have your makeup stored away all nice and you probably separated it by product type. Anyway, that's exactly what I did. 

Here are a couple of tips I found useful when organizing my makeup and also on how to get the most use of all that collecting

1. Find a practical and useful way to store everything. Since I have the space in my room, I purchased this mini drawer system from Ikea to store everything. It was super inexpensive (around $20) and it only took 45 minutes to put together (by myself!). You can customize this to the amount of makeup you have. If you have less, then you probably don't need a new piece of furniture. 

2. I separated each of my drawers by type of product. So, all of my face products go in one drawer and all my eye products go in another. It's simple and easy to keep track of everything. 

3. Place your most used products in a more accessible place. For example, I use my eyeshadow palettes way more than my spare foundations. So all of my palettes (including highlighting palettes, shadow palettes, blush palettes, etc.) are organized at the very top.

4. In order to get the most use out of all my makeup, I make sure to switch everything out once in a while. With winter coming up, I make sure to switch out my brighter blushes out with my seasonally appropriate ones. 

It's really easy to forget how much makeup you own, especially when you keep purchasing new products. Within the last couple of months, I really have tried to stop myself from buying new products when I know I have more than enough stored away. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

GrandeLASH MD Review

Ok so, I have to admit: I have never really been into those expensive lash growth serums that people fall into. I really didn't even have a problem with my lashes.
 But closing into September, my eyebrows were literally falling off. I had the worst patches of bare skin in places where eyebrows should grow. My eyebrow stylist/technician/therapist explained that your eyebrows can become sparse and patchy when exposed to high amounts of stress (big surprise!).

So what was I supposed to do? My most prized possession decided that they were going to fall off my face. So my eyebrow stylist/technician/therapist suggested I start using GrandeLASH on my eyebrows to help with growth. And of course, I did just that. 

After just 2 months of applying the serum through my brows and lashes twice a day, I have seen drastic results. 

My eyebrows are so much fuller and the patchiness has subsided. I still have to fill my eyebrows in, but I find that I don't need as much product as before. A simple brow powder will do nowadays. 

In regards to my lashes, I have never been happier. This product has really increased the length of my lashes. I even had a random lady at MAC ask me where I get my lashes done, and I simply answered, "These are my natural lashes!" Of course, I bragged about it to my family for days. But you have to admit, having long, beautiful lashes and bushy, full brows really does feel good!

I really didn't have much hope for this product, but after seeing the results, I am extremely happy with this product. I've been using the 2.0ml bottle for 2 months and I'm close to running out. So if you want to give it a try, I recommend that size for you to see results. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Adulting: 21 Things I've Learned From Being 21

Realizing that I'm an adult hasn't been easy for me. I wish everyone got an instruction manual on their 18th birthday to tell them how to 'adult' but it doesn't really work that way. Learning how to 'adult' has been a really tough road for me, but somehow, I've managed (along with all the other 21-year-olds!). 

So here you go: 21 things I've learned from being 21. Included are all the good and not-so-good things no one told me about being an adult. 

21. Your mom can't do everything for you (unfortunately!)
20. Doctor visits suck even more when you have to pay for them. Get health insurance everyone!!
19. The only person you can count on is yourself. Don't depend on anyone to do anything for you. Be as independent as possible!
18. People are so much more friendlier when they're drunk! 
17. Change is inevitable. There is good change... And then there is change you wish had never happened. But learning how to live with the change that makes you want to dig a hole in your backyard and bury yourself is the hardest to survive. But you will make it through; I promise. 
16. Procrastinating a pedicure will never be more embarrassing. Please, just get a pedicure. 
15. Your parents can be your best friends or your worst enemies. It's not your fault if they choose the latter. 
14. Never, ever drink on an empty stomach! Please, just don't. 
13. Taking time to travel is the best thing you can do for yourself. Even if it's a small road trip. You will be thankful.
12. Don't stop doing what you love. If something makes you happy, just do more of it. 
11. You will never stop loving Disneyland. Even if you hate the long lines with a passion. 
10. Close off any and all toxic people from your life. Even if it hurts. 
9. Cherish your savings account like a baby. You will never know when you're going to need it. 
8. You will never really master the art of patience. You will need lots of it, but only when you have none of it.
7. You will never accept the fact that everyone else is growing up too (especially your little sisters).
6. High school will seem like it was 20 years ago and you will never miss it more than you do now. 
5. The number of friends you have grows smaller and smaller as you age. 
4. The future seems so far off, but planning for it has never been more critical.
3. You will never feel 'adult' enough. There will always be someone there to make you feel like a child (in a good way, and in a bad way).
2. Be confident in your abilities. You know what your potential is, so show everyone. 

And the number 1 thing I've learned from Adulting...
I've never been more terrified of it. 

The only consolation I have is that I'm learning every single day. I know more today than I did yesterday. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Favorites For A Night Out

Nights out have recently become a favorite pass time for me. Especially since I was blessed with the legal age of 21 not so long ago!
The hardest part of prepping for a night out wasn't what outfit to wear or what shoes wouldn't leave me limping by the end of the night. It was achieving the perfect night out makeup. I found it so hard to find makeup that lasted all night. After so much trial and error, I finally found my favorite night out makeup & my go-to look!

Currently Loving:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped and Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Gold Digger
  • Highlight on a night out is like water on a hot day - it is absolutely necessary. Anastasia and Artist Couture make my favorite highlighters, mainly because they layer so perfectly on top of each other and radiate a stunning glow. 
  • Never have I loved a foundation as much as I love this one. It gives me the most flawless finish without looking too cake-y. I must warn the oily-skinned girls out there tho - this foundation can become too dewy and end up looking too oily if not set with powder. To prevent this, I apply a mattifying primer first, set that with a light layer of powder, and then apply my foundation! It's a trick I recently learned and has definitely helped my makeup last all night!
ColourPop shadow in Lala
  • If you were blessed with brown eyes like I was, then this shadow is going to be your best friend. I've used many copper eyeshadows in the past, but there's something about this one that makes my brown eyes POP! It looks amazing paired with a burnt orange shadow in the crease and a little hint of red in the outer corner of the eyes. 
Tricky Lashes 
  • For nights out, fake eyelashes are as necessary as my highlight. A dramatic pair of eyelashes can definitely take your look to the next level, and these from Tricky Hair are beyond dramatic! They will definitely vamp up your look instantly. Tricky Hair sells clip in hair extensions and 3D mink eyelashes. Visit them at Tricky Hair Extensions!
MAC Lipliner in Boldly Bare and Buxon Full On Lip Cream in Hot Toddy
  • If I'm going to wear copper eyes and dramatic lashes for the night, I usually keep the lips natural. Boldy Bare is the perfect nude on my skin tone that matches with the warm toned eyes as well. Top it off with a bit of gloss and you're ready to go! 
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Perfume
  • To finish everything off, I love dousing myself in my current favorite perfume - Chanel Chance! I'm really horrible as describing scents, but I highly recommend you checking this one out in stores!

That's it! You're ready for your fun night out! All that's left is a little black dress, some accessories, and some killer shoes!