Friday, November 18, 2016

GrandeLASH MD Review

Ok so, I have to admit: I have never really been into those expensive lash growth serums that people fall into. I really didn't even have a problem with my lashes.
 But closing into September, my eyebrows were literally falling off. I had the worst patches of bare skin in places where eyebrows should grow. My eyebrow stylist/technician/therapist explained that your eyebrows can become sparse and patchy when exposed to high amounts of stress (big surprise!).

So what was I supposed to do? My most prized possession decided that they were going to fall off my face. So my eyebrow stylist/technician/therapist suggested I start using GrandeLASH on my eyebrows to help with growth. And of course, I did just that. 

After just 2 months of applying the serum through my brows and lashes twice a day, I have seen drastic results. 

My eyebrows are so much fuller and the patchiness has subsided. I still have to fill my eyebrows in, but I find that I don't need as much product as before. A simple brow powder will do nowadays. 

In regards to my lashes, I have never been happier. This product has really increased the length of my lashes. I even had a random lady at MAC ask me where I get my lashes done, and I simply answered, "These are my natural lashes!" Of course, I bragged about it to my family for days. But you have to admit, having long, beautiful lashes and bushy, full brows really does feel good!

I really didn't have much hope for this product, but after seeing the results, I am extremely happy with this product. I've been using the 2.0ml bottle for 2 months and I'm close to running out. So if you want to give it a try, I recommend that size for you to see results. 

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