Monday, October 20, 2014

Advice To My Teenage Self

I have one last year dedicated to being a teenager and I'm not about to waste it.
I struggled a lot with the conventional teen problems--from my appearance, to boys, to creating new friendships. But, I realize now that all my struggles molded me into the person I am today.

Advice to my teenage self: 

No one is too good to be your friend 
Talk to everyone. Make friends everywhere! Don't be held back by the fear of rejection. 

You can't control the outcome of everything 
You do not have to fix everything. Focus on being a kid. 

Focus on being mentally & physically healthy
Get healthy for yourself and no one else. Do things the healthy way. Don't hurt yourself. 

Don't let anyone tell you how to plan your future 
Don't let anyone manage your life. Follow what you truly want to do. 

Don't get so attached 
Life changes all the time. And it changes without your permission. Cars, houses, friends…They can come and go. 

Friends come and go
Be careful who you trust. Make sure you know who your real friends are.

Growing up isn't all that great
Sure you have more freedoms, but being an adult is tough. You have more responsibilities and you have to think long term. 

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