Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Little Things

* College Coffee Stands: College students are notorious for their consumption of coffee. I am included in this category! I especially love how my campus has a coffee stand in not only one, but two locations! I'm sure many other campuses and coffee shops have realized they can make even more money off of college students through caffeine addiction!

* Multi-functional Clothes: Now, I am a huge fan of clothes I can wear to school, to a family gathering, and even to sleep! I must admit, I get a little carried away with this sometimes, but it's just so easy! I absolutely love basics that are both comfy and stylish! My favorite basics are from h&m and Zara.

* iBooks: Reading has never been so easy with iBooks! Since I have to carry a million other books and goods with me, lugging around a physical book isn't very practical for me. So, iBooks has saved me and I'm now back at it with the reading! (Currently reading: Lolita)

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