Monday, June 16, 2014

My School Essentials

As a college student, I never imagined myself attending summer school. In fact, I've never really attended school in the summer before college. Summer was always considered the break we all needed (and deserved!), but college doesn't really work that way for me. Summer is now considered an extra 8 weeks to get stuff done!

* Messenger bag: I like using messenger-style bags mainly because they can fit all of my essentials and some food! This bag has tons of pockets and sections to keep everything organized. And, I really like cross-body bags! (Bag from Brandy Melville)

* Notebook: If it fits in my current bag, I take a notebook with me! I don't really use this for class notes. Whenever a blog post idea hits me in the face or if I feel like writing, I pull this baby out! It's really handy especially when I have an hour to kill in between classes!

* iPhone: My main form of entertainment!

* Pens & pencils: I like to carry at least one of each!

* Hand lotion and lip balm: I always need these items when I don't have them with me so now I make it a habit to always carry around some lotion and lip balm!

* Card pouch (Louis Vuitton): I usually attach this to my car keys. I like to carry all my cards (license, credit card, etc.) in one pouch.

* Sunglasses: The sun can be a little bright sometimes!

* h&m pouches: I like to keep everything as organized as possible, which is why I love these pouches. I like to carry my blotting sheets and powder in one pouch and loose change in the other!

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