Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Skin Care Routine

Taking care of my skin has been crucial ever since I started wearing makeup. During my early teen years, I had extremely problematic skin. Because of that, I have experimented with numerous products and now, I have found a regime that works for my skin! 

Night Time Skincare Routine:
The most important part of my skin day is night time. This is when I apply most of my skincare products because they have all night to absorb and work their magic!

1. Cleansing
I usually wash my face in the shower before bed. I like to use an exfoliating face wash to really wash away all the makeup and dead skin from the day. The St. Ives 'Blemish Control Apricot Scrub' has small beads that aren't too harsh on my skin, but that provide enough exfoliation to give me soft and clean skin.

2. Cleansing, Again!
After cleansing my face (& getting out of the shower!), I will take a cotton ball with my Bioderma and apply that all over my face. I usually focus this around my eye area since I don't use my exfoliator over this sensitive area. The Bioderma solution (for oily skin) removes any left over makeup on my face. I take this extra step in cleansing to really make sure no makeup is left on my skin.

3. Serum
I am a huge fan of serums so this step is a must! My favorite serums are the Clinique 'Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector,' the Bobbi Brown 'Intensive Skin Supplement,' and the Kiehl's 'Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.' All of these have worked great for my skin and really reduce the look of dark spots!

4. Moisturize and Treat
Lastly, I moisturize and treat any spots! This step is my favorite because my face feels so clean and soft afterwards. I absolutely love the Clinique 'Moisture Surge' moisturizer and Philosophy's 'Hope in a Jar.' Since I have oily skin, moisturizing after cleansing is a must because it prevents my skin from producing more oils. To treat any blemishes, I use the Clinique 'Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel,' which contains salicylic acid to treat the spot immediately.

Morning Skincare Routine:
I usually don't like to do much to my skin in the morning, mainly because I'm too sleepy! But, I do make sure to take the necessary steps to prep my skin for the day!

1. Cleanse
I like to start off by cleansing my skin. If I'm really committed, I'll wash my face with Cetaphil or some other gentle cleanser. On days where I can't be bothered, I take my Bioderma (lifesaver!) and a cotton ball and just run that all over my face.

2. Moisturize
To make things simple and fast in the morning, I moisturize with the Uriage 'Oily Skin Cream' or Philosophy's 'Hope in a Jar.'

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