Friday, June 20, 2014

Freeman 'Facial Polishing Mask'

Pamper time is crucial for my sanity. I need at least one night out of the week to float around in a luxurious bath, scrub myself away, do my nails, and (my favorite) apply a mask. I've used many masks before (some you make at home, some that come in a little foil packet, and some that are expensive enough for me to believe it will give me new skin!).

One mask that I have been loving is the Freeman 'Facial Polishing Mask' (Charcoal and Black Sugar). It has a grainy texture that doesn't necessarily "glide" onto the skin, but once it's on, it's on! I usually leave it on for 25 minutes (the bottle recommends only 5-7 minutes, but I like to get my moneys worth!) since I like to do my nails or other pampering ritual at the same time!
The fun doesn't happen until you remove the mask. To remove the product, I like to rub it off so that it exfoliates my skin. For some reason, I feel a heating sensation on my skin while removing the product. It's the weirdest thing ever...not sure if it happens to anyone else!
Anyway, the way my skin feels after is indescribable! It feels so clean and smooth! My face serums and moisturizer absorb faster, too. The day after, my face makeup applies on so much smoother. I feel like this product does so much more for my skin because it cleanses my skin the way a mask would, but also exfoliates it due to the grainy texture of the black sugar. This product is like 2-in-1! For the price, I would definitely recommend it.

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