Friday, July 18, 2014

The Five-Product Face

When I started wearing makeup as a teenager, I used a minimum of 4 products. As my skills progressed and after I started experimenting with new products, the list got longer and the pile of makeup got larger! I courageously counted how many makeup products I use on a daily basis and the number was surprising (17!). Do I really need to use that many products in one day? I can't really answer that. So, I decided to narrow down my choices and only choose 5 products to use for a look. 

The Products
* Tinted Moisturizer: I love tinted moisturizer and I use this product every single day. I find that I can wear it on days where I want a small amount of coverage or I can build it up for a medium coverage. Either way, it is a super functional product that I will most likely need for many years. 

* Concealer: Unfortunately, I suffer from dark circles. I CANNOT skip concealer. This product is a must.

* Brow Powder: I chose to use a brow powder instead of a pencil or pomade because I can definitely use this shadow on my eyes as well. Also, brow powder gives my face a more natural look!

*Blush: I remember the days where I wouldn't wear any color on my cheeks. This made me look completely flat and unnatural. So, I chose to add blush into my look to create a natural flush to the cheeks! Also, this blush acts as an eye shadow too! 

*Mascara: This product is a huge necessity! Mascara in general opens up the eyes and enhances them, making you look awake and fresh! Also, you can take a brush and swipe it against the mascara and apply it as eyeliner! 

I think the key to minimal makeup is using products that have more than one purpose. If you can find a cream blush that can also act as a lip cream, or a mascara that can also act as an eyeliner, you're set!

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