Friday, February 6, 2015

Sound Spotlight: ODESZA

So, before I rant about how much I love ODESZA, I need to explain how easily I become obsessed with an artist/group.
Sometimes it can take days, weeks, or months before I fall in love. But, with ODESZA, it was almost instant. Of course, my obsession and newfound love began with the ever-popular Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant), which now plays in most retail stores like Brandy Melville. If you haven’t heard the song, which I guarantee you have at some point, you should probably go listen in right now. 

ODESZA is that type of group you listen to when you need a relaxed, yet uplifting mood or environment. Some songs are really mellow (How Did I Get Here), and some are really upbeat (If You Don’t). Some songs are merely a concoction of everyday sounds mixed with beats (Kusanagi), either way, ODESZA has a unique sound that you will definitely recognize after listening to a few tracks. 
And, of course, ODESZA’s remixes are amazing too. We can’t neglect their remix of Slow Magic’s Waited 4 U, which is beyond perfection. 
I think ODESZA isn’t only for a certain type of person and it definitely doesn’t cater for just one group of people. Since every song sounds different (yet distinct!) and gives off different emotions and feels, every listener can definitely find that one song that will just get them hooked on the group. 
Honestly, every song makes me want to dance like Jimmy Pesto. Go have a listen. 

Must Listen to…

If There’s Time
How Did I get Here 
Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)
If Your Don’t (feat. Cumulus)
My Friends Never Die 
Say My Name 
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