Saturday, May 31, 2014

All About The Tools

When I first started my journey with makeup, brushes and tools weren't really my main focus. I started out with 4 essential brushes. As my skills advanced, I realized using the right tools was as crucial as using the right foundation color. I've gone through many brushes and brands, but Real Techniques and E.L.F's Studio brushes are my favorite to this day.

Real Techniques is a brand new to me, but ever since my discovery a couple months ago, I can't get enough! Some brushes I've used are extremely scratchy and harsh, but Real Technique brushes are incredibly soft and gentle on my skin. Even after multiple washes, these brushes never fail with their incredible softness!

Must Haves
- Blush Brush: Although this is a blush brush, I currently use this to blend and apply my powder bronzer. I find that this brush is large enough to distribute color evenly on my face and blends out any harsh lines.
Contour Brush: This brush is perfect for applying powder under the eyes or highlighting cheekbones, forehead, and the bridge of the nose.
- Pointed Foundation Brush: This brush is too small for me to use as a foundation brush, but it's perfect for applying cream contour and other cream products.
- Deluxe Crease Brush: This brush is the perfect size for contouring the sides of the nose or highlighting small areas.
- Buffing Brush: The buffing brush is my absolute favorite of the bunch! I use this brush everyday to blend out my tinted moisturizer/foundation. It's the perfect size for covering large and small areas on my face.
- Makeup Sponge: I am a huge fan of this makeup sponge. I mainly use this to blend out my under-eye concealer. I also bounce this over my entire face after using the buffing brush to give my skin an airbrushed finish. I find this sponge works best damp, rather than dry. I absolutely love this makeup sponge and find it a necessity in my makeup routine.

E.L.F's Studio brushes are amazing quality and the price isn't so bad either! I love them so much that I basically have every brush from the line. I find myself using at least 2 brushes a day from the line because they are great quality and they have a wide variety of tools for our everyday makeup needs. I don't find that the bristles fall off during my makeup application (something that really annoys me). I've had my E.L.F brushes for around 6 months and they are still in great shape. They are easy to wash and don't give me any problems. E.L.F did it right with this bunch!

Must Haves: 
- Complexion Brush: The complexion brush is a great multi-purpose brush. I've used it to apply bronzer, blush, and powder and have never failed me!
- Small Tapered Brush: The small tapered brush is similar to the Real Techniques contour brush; however, this brush is a bit "fluffier." I love this brush for applying highlighter and setting my under-eyes with powder.
- Flawless Concealer Brush: This is perfect for blending out concealer! It is the perfect size for getting into small crevices and blends everything out flawlessly!
- Eyeshadow "C" Brush: This is a pretty standard eyeshadow brush, but what I love about it is the quality. The bristles are such great quality and apply eyeshadow evenly. I find myself reaching out for this brush every time I apply eyeshadow.
- Powder Brush: Before I discovered the Real Techniques buffing brush, I had no intention of replacing my E.L.F powder brush. Because the brush is a bit stiff, I found it perfect for applying and blending out liquid foundation. I don't recommend this brush for powder, only because the bristles are so compact.

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